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“Robots are breaking out of their cages on the factory floor, and here’s what they are doing”

Large factory robots pose a danger to humans—here’s how Veo Robotics is making them safer

Vision-Based System Allows Humans to Work Safely with Massive Robots

Veo has developed a vision-based solution which creates a 3D point cloud of the area surrounding a robot, allowing the robot to detect when a worker enters the area. The robot can then slow or stop. With this technology, human-machine interaction is possible with ever larger robots and machinery. Also check out: “How Including Human Workers in Robotically Automated Processes Improves Efficiency and Lowers Cost”

Modern Machine Shop

“Can Vision and Artificial Intelligence Make Every Robot Collaborative?”

That is the aim of this Boston-area startup. This year, it expects to come to market with technology to make even fast and powerful industrial robots safe to approach. The technology promises to eliminate the need for guarding around them — safety measures that might not be as safe as you think..

Robotics Business Review

Top Robotics Companies Continue to Innovate, Grow Market 

Veo Robotics has been selected as one of the 2019 RBR50. This list is comprised of the most influential public and private companies in the global robotics industry.


“How Sensors Enable Safety”

Tonya Hall from ZDNet interviews Clara Vu. The conversation covers safety and the value that both industrial robots and people bring to automation.

Digital Trends Live

Interview with Patrick Sobalvarro

Patrick Sobalvarro…joins the show to talk about the relationship between humans and robots who work side by side in the manufacturing environment.

Business Insider

“This startup raised $28 million to give dangerous industrial robots eyes…”

Are Veo's robots really safe enough to be uncaged? Sobalvarro is adamant they are. "You can't move fast and break things if those things are people."


“Startup Gets Ready for Factory Robots Working Alongside Humans”

Veo Robotics Inc., a startup developing sensor technology that lets industrial robots work safely side-by-side with humans, closed a funding round as it prepares to roll out the product in May.


"Don't Fear the Robot Overlords—Embrace Them as Coworkers”

…in factories across the world, machines are beginning to work more intimately with humans without sending them to the unemployment line—or the grave.


“Want Safer Factory Robots? Make Them More Like Self-Driving Cars”

Veo Robotics is using lidar sensors to make industrial robots less threatening to their human colleagues.


“Veo Robotics wants to integrate humans and robots in the workplace?

TODAY’s Craig Melvin travels to Waltham, Massachusetts, to take a closer look at Veo Robotics, a company using cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of what robots can do — while lowering the boundaries between man and machine. Watch the video here.


“EmTech MIT: Making factory robots smarter and safer”

Move fast and break things doesn't work so well on the factory floor. Startup Veo Robotics is trying a different approach, using tested technologies to add perception to existing industrial robots.

MIT Technology Review - Emtech 2018

“Car makers are testing a way for humans to team up with dangerous robots”

If Veo Robotics is successful, human factory workers will eventually work with robots the way farmers work with horses.

Watch the video of Clara Vu’s talk here.

Fantástico - Globo

“Robotics, artificial intelligence and the future of work”

Brazilian television show, Fantástico, reports on Veo as part of this video piece on robotics, artificial intelligence and the future of work by (2:16-3:34, 8:03-8:19). Video in Portuguese.

MIT Technology Review

“This company tames killer robots”

Artificial intelligence can turn the most dangerous industrial robots into helpful coworkers, and that could transform manufacturing.


“Veo Robotics raises $12 million to help machines and humans collaborate more efficiently”

Veo Robotics [….] announced today that it has secured $12 million in funding. Lux Capital and GV co-led this round, with participation from existing investor Next 47 — a venture firm created by Siemens.


“Veo Grabs $12M, Led by GV & Lux, to Help Industrial Robots ‘See’”

Veo is one of the voices arguing that robots will not make factory workers obsolete, and that they can actually enhance the productivity of humans.


“Veo gives robots ‘Eyes and a Brain’ so they can safely work with people”

So how do we take the best robots have to offer and the best humans have to offer and combine them to reach new levels of output and performance?

That’s the question engineers at Veo Robotics are working to answer.


“Veo Robotics gives industrial robots a sixth sense for safely working around people”

Everyone knows the robots are coming, so we should probably get to work figuring out how we can coexist. That’s the mission of Veo Robotics, which is working on a system that gives robots spatial awareness of every object and obstacle in their reach, from debris to people and everything in between.