Learn about Veo’s technology from the founders and see the Veo system in action.


“Robots are breaking out of their cages on the factory floor, and here’s what they are doing”, a video from Magdalena Petrova of CNBC on the future of human-robot collaboration and the FreeMove™ Application Development Kit.


In “How Sensors Enable Safety” Tonya Hall from ZDNet interviews Clara Vu. The conversation covers safety and the value that both industrial robots and people bring to automation.

Digital Trends Live

Patrick Sobalvarro ”joins the show to talk about the relationship between humans and robots who work side by side in the manufacturing environment.”


Patrick Sobalvarro, from CERAWeek participating in a panel discussion on “Sea Change: Autonomy, automation, offshore & the ocean” and offering the perspective of fail-safe systems for human-robot collaboration in hashtag#automation.


NBC Today spotlights Veo Robotics as part of “Robot Revolution”, a special on human robot collaboration (1:23-2:16).


Clara Vu presenting at the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech conference on how the technology being developed by Veo Robotics can impact human/machine interaction. Read the MIT Technology Review article here.


A video feature on robotics, artificial intelligence and the future of work by Brazilian television show, Fantástico (2:16-3:34, 8:03-8:19). Video in Portuguese.

Hardwired NYC

At Firstmark’s Hardwired NYC, Clara Vu discusses the challenges in automating tasks that are trivial to humans, challenges that could be overcome once industrial robots and humans can work together safely.

Live Demo at GTC

Veo's first live demo at NVIDIA's 2018 GPU Technology Conference (GTC). GTC is NVIDIA's biggest AI and GPU event of the year, attended by over 8,500 developers, customers, partners, investors, media, industry and investment analysts.

Singularity Hub

In this interview with Singularity Hub Clara Vu introduces Veo’s technology and mission to enable safe collaboration between humans and industrial robots.


Hear from Veo Robotics’ co-founders and see demos our system with real-time visualization.



Podcasts & Audio



Academia and the Rise of Commercial Robotics", a panel discussion with Dr. Travis Deyle (Cobalt Robotics) and Dr. Sam Anthony (Perceptive Automata) on building human-like perception for machines, moderated by Andrea Valdez (editor of WIRED.com).

Giant robots Smashing into other Giant robots

Clara Vu “shares her story [about] getting into the world of robotics, designing perception systems for industrial robots, and 'First-Principles Thinking' in all aspects of business.”


The Autonocast, a podcast focused on transportation technology, discusses how “computer vision and machine learning are impacting auto manufacturing with Patrick Sobalvarro and Clara Vu”.