Application Development Kit 

A 3D sensing & control system for designing human-robot collaboration in industrial workcells


Designing for Human-Robot Collaboration

FreeMove™ is a single-robot vision system that enables people to work safely in collaboration with standard industrial robots.  It is engineered for compliance with the ISO 13849 functional safety standard.

The FreeMove™ Application Development Kit (ADK) is available now.  It is intended to allow manufacturing engineers to develop production applications that can be deployed on the production version of Veo FreeMove™.  

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The FreeMove™ ADK incorporates the full functionality of Veo FreeMove™, but without our fail-safe hardware and fault monitoring systems, so it must be used in controlled settings with redundant safety provisions. Read more about FreeMove™ ADK.


With FreeMove™ ADK you can:

  • Quickly develop process steps that include production labor and standard industrial robots within a cycle or for fault recovery

  • Save capital costs and engineering time

  • Quickly deploy the full FreeMove™ production system when it becomes available in 2020


System Components

The system consists of sensors, a custom computing platform and a software suite for configuration and set-up.

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Includes 4 - 8 off-the-shelf sensors mounted on the periphery of workcells to cover volume of safeguarded space.


FreeMove Engine™

A computing platform that processes image data from the sensors and implements Speed & Separation Monitoring (based on guidelines defined by ISO 15066) to slow or stop the robot.

Studio Icon-02.png

FreeMove Studio™

Software suite for self-service configuration and real-time visualization of sensor and FreeMove Engine™ data.


Key features


Flexible Safeguarding 

Integrates directly with your robot controller to simulate safeguarding of single robot workcells


Dynamic Calculation

Dynamically computes Protective Separation Distance to a human or unidentified object based on the current position of the robot



Collaborative Workflows

Incorporates CAD models of workpieces, tooling, and workcell fixtures to enable human-robot collaboration in workcells


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