Perception & Intelligence for Industrial RobotS


Veo Robotics is transforming manufacturing with products that incorporate advanced computer vision, 3D sensing and AI. Our first product allows industrial robots to work collaboratively with people for flexible, productive, and efficient manufacturing workcells.


Application Development Kit (ADK)

The FreeMove™ Application Development Kit (ADK) is a 3D sensing and control system for designing human-robot collaboration in industrial workcells. The FreeMove™ ADK is available now.  


Our Partners

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About Veo

Veo Robotics was founded to create a future in which people can interact easily and safely with large, powerful machines. By adding perception and intelligence to standard industrial robots, we give manufacturing engineers the freedom to design workcells that combine the ingenuity, dexterity, and judgment of human workers with the tirelessness, strength, and repeatability of industrial robots.  The new manufacturing methods we enable result in much greater flexibility and productivity, with lower costs and better ergonomics and safety.


Working at Veo

We need a team of great people to help us transform manufacturing. We are committed to: excellence in our work; respect for each other; integrity; honesty; and transparency. We believe that great work gets done in a positive, supportive environment with teams of all kinds of people, or as the Vulcans say, IDIC.

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Our Investors

As of February 2019, Veo Robotics has raised $28 million. Our investors include, Google Ventures, Lux Capital Management, Next47, Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund, SBI AI & Blockchain Fund, and Baidu Ventures.